Substance Misuse

We have over 15 years front line experience within the substance misuse arena. Working with both adults and young people services. Experience includes direct contact with service users, commissioners and partner agencies including the police, prisons & probations, social care and education providers.

AS Management will work with you to:

  • Develop substance misuse policy’s specifically for your organisation
  • Provide independent drug testing for staff
  • Conduct investigations around substance misuse issues
  • Advice, support and guidance around substance misuse issues
  • Training and Development

We provide bespoke packages at all levels of up-to-date substance misuse training and information sessions for staff, volunteers, board members, clients, and also awareness sessions for young people in schools and colleges. Training can include a range of courses tailor made to suit each individual or groups learning need, from basic awareness to in-depth advanced courses for front line staff. Each package will provide an understanding of substances and the effects, signs and symptoms, impact on health, impact on mental health, impact on parenting, young people specific training and awareness and substance misuse within the aging population.