Why The Need Of School Safeguarding Teesside Programs Has Become Important

Children spend most of their time in schools. That is the place where they go to study, make friends and learn many different things about life and the environment. It is the duty of the staff to protect the students from abuse and sexual exploitation. And this is the reason why providing training and knowledge about school safeguarding Teesside is important.

Parents are always concerned about the health and safety of their kids. Still today there are thousands of parents who go to school to pick and drop their children. They also make sure that their kids are safe while playing with their friends. In short, they keep a close watch on their kids whenever it is possible for them. But still, after making all the efforts they are worried about their safety. AS Management LTD is a reputed company which has been working with the private, public and third sector to offer perfect solutions to their problems.

school safeguarding Teesside
school safeguarding Teesside


You can hire professionals to get knowledge about child safeguarding Teesside so that you can teach your kids and make them aware of the things that they should do and avoid.  Now the question is how school and kids safeguarding programs in Teesside can help the elders too.

1.      Safeguarding programs about the children will help you in creating a safe environment for them.

2.      It will also help the students to protect themselves from strangers and adults who are a threat to them.

3.      Programs like school safeguarding Teesside make sure that the schools have experienced and trained staff who can quickly responds to any kind of emergency. Not only that it also teaches the staff how to keep themselves up to date with the current situations.

4.      Such programs are important as it helps the children as well as the adults about the safety measure which they should take.


As every parent is concerned about the safety of their children for them such training programs are important as it will help them in the following ways.

·         Children safety programs will help them to take care of their kids in a much better way.

·         It will help the children to discuss any kind of problem with their parents which they are facing.

·         Child safeguarding Teesside programs will also help the kids to become independent and easily figure out what is good and bad for them.

Thus, it is important for everyone to maintain and provide an environment which is safe for the children of all ages. They should feel secure and live a lifestyle which they want without having to worry about anything.

You can hire the team of AS Management LTD for the school safeguarding Teesside program. They are the most experienced one and can easily help you in a professional way.

Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Drug Addiction

Prolonged use of drugs can lead to addictive disorder, which has effects on the mind as well as the body. In order to break the cycle of addiction, it is must to receive the right treatment. Because of the chronic nature of addiction, it is difficult to treat, and needs constant care and attention. Experts at AS Management LTD are the most trusted people who can help you in getting rid of the habit. In this blog, we bring to you some of the most effective treatment measures that are generally taken up to help you overcome substance abuse.


If you are addicted to heroin or such opioid drugs, you will be offered a substitute drug such as methadone. This is, generally a part of the treatment; and, with such substitute there remains no chance of withdrawal symptoms.

Self-help groups

There are numerous self help groups of people suffering from the same issues. You can get into one of those and start attending the sessions. The success stories that are often shared by people in the group will motivate you to be better at keeping yourself away from the drug..

Commitment to the treatment

Commitment is the most essential thing to keep in mind. If you are taking assistance from the best drug and alcohol support providers such as AS Management LTD, you need to be committed to the treatment.  It is your faith and self control that will help you in getting rid of the abuse habit. Unless a person realises the negative impacts of drugs and alcohol in their lives, they will never be able to get out of them.

AS Management LTD is the most effective support, that drug and alcohol addicts can get in Teesside. Apart from individuals, we also offer our services to various offices as well, to ensure that their workforce stays away from such habits and delivers better performance. If you wish to know more, delay no further and get in touch with us today.

7 Child Protection Measures You Can Take To Make Their Lives Brighter

Budding flowers always need more care than the others so that they can blossom into beautiful ones later. In the same manner, children deserve a lot of care and attention so that they can have a brighter future ahead and light up the future of the nation. In this blog, we bring to you seven child protection measures that you can take to make their life better. Here they are-

  1. Nurturing- For children, it is essential to know that they are loved and people around them trust on their abilities of achieving their dreams.  
  2. Self help- Daily work schedule and pressure can take a toll on the adults. However, it is advised that you take time out for yourself and then regain composure. Do not burst your stress out on the kid.
  3. Parenting resource- Arrange reading material on parenting from the nearby libraries. It will help you deal with your kids in a better way.
  4. School programs- Kids spend long hours in school and hence this is where you should organise safeguarding supervision and child protection programs.
  5. Monitor media consumption- Keep a track of your kid’s media consumption. Watching excessively violent films and videos is harmful and may lead to behavioural changes in them.
  6. Reporting- If you witness or believe that any child has been suffering from abuse, reach out to the local departments and report the instance without delay. Your prompt action can save the nation’s future!
  7. Educating- Let the parents and elders know about signs of child abuse. If they do not watch out for the early signs, it might be too late to take steps of child protection.

AS Management Ltd offers trusted safeguarding supervision service in and around Teesside. Our team, with 25 years of experience in the field, delivers prompt and effective solutions for child protection and safeguarding. For sessions and supervision, delay no further and get in touch with us today.

Major Benefits Of Safeguarding Training That You Must Now

We all know that children deserve all the care and attention in the world and working with them is truly rewarding. One of the biggest responsibilities is their safety from any potential harm. With safeguarding trainingyou can get a team that is more capable of dealing with children while ensuring that there is no harm caused to them. Three significant benefits, of such training at your workplace, are discussed below- 

Know the vulnerabilities

If you have no prior experience of safeguarding training, it will be hard for you to distinguish between those who are at risk and those who aren’t. With such training, you can easily spot out which young individual is more vulnerable than the other.

Signs of neglect

Other than just knowing the vulnerabilities, you can also know from the tell-tale signs of the individual whether they are being subjected to any abuse or neglect. It helps in early stage identification and further adds to the well-being of the individual in the long run.

Boost the trust value

Letting your partners and stakeholders know that you are investing in safeguarding training will only boost the image of your organisation. They will see that you are attached to a genuine cause, thus enhancing the trust of people on the organisation. Abuse and neglect are something that need to stop completely and if you are making plans to offer such training, there is no better time than now. A.S Management LTD offers efficient safeguarding supervision and training in Teesside. We have been in the field for a long period of time and hence our experience will surely win you over. Every person working in our team has achieved results in the domain and hence is credible for getting the job done in the right way. Our services will add value to your workplace ethics and culture. Reach out to us today.